National Catholic Register

The National Catholic Register in this database cover the years 1945-1957. Editions of the "The Register" in this database are from 1926-1938. There are National Edition supplements of the Denver Catholic Register from 1960-1965.
In 1925 “The Register” debuts, this is the Denver Catholic Register's attempt at eventually becoming a daily, this paper is published on Tuesday while the Denver Catholic Register is published on Thursday. On November 8,1927 the National Catholic Register was launched which was a 4 page paper that covered all Catholic news on a national and international level and also included Matthew Smith’s “Listening In” column . The article about its debut states that it will publish in addition to the Tuesday Register which has “local edition” on its mast head; eventually the two papers become one.
In June 1929 the “Register system” was launched when the Diocese of Fresno asked that local news of the diocese be added as a supplement to the National Catholic and soon after other dioceses asked for the same. At its height there were at least 34 different diocesan editions being printed. The National Catholic Register was sold on August 6,1970 to Twin Circle Publishing.