Denver Catholic Register

On March 17, 1900 the Denver Catholic was launched with F. J. Kramer as its editor. In April of that year Bishop Matz formally endorsed the paper however by 1904 lack of revenue forced the paper to cease printing after the November 5, 1904 issue.

On August 11, 1905 the Denver Catholic Register was started by Thomas Casey who already ran the successful Catholic Register out of Kansas City. The first issues had little news on Denver focusing mainly on the happenings in Kansas City. The first issue was in fact known as the “Catholic Register of Denver” however by the next issue it had changed its name to the Denver Catholic Register. On December 8, 1910 the Catholic Publishing Society was formed and took control of the Register which then became the official paper of the Diocese.

The Catholic Publishing Society was made up of Priests and prominent laymen who hoped to turn a profit with the paper and use the money to support the orphans of the Diocese. In 1913 Fr. Hugh McMenamin, rector of the Cathedral, bought controlling interest in the Catholic Publishing Society which was rapidly losing money and hired Matthew Smith to become the editor in October of that year. Matthew increased circulation and revenues within a year. In June 1921 Bishop Tihen gained majority control of the stock and thus became owner of the paper which the Diocese has owned ever since.